Photoshop – Horror Textures Actions

Recently, I have been learning how to create Actions. I’ve created a new set of Actions to generate horror textures.

Lots of splashes of blood on whites. Suitable for using in backgrounds like a headline, book cover or illustrations etc.

Please note the following:

  • This was created in Photoshop CS6. Was not tested in previous versions.
  • A bug in “Bloody Curtains” action. If you use it in an existing document filled with different layers, it won’t run  correctly. Run it in a new document and copy generated texture.
  • Want a darker “Bloody Curtains”? Duplicate generated texture and make sure it’s above original copy. Change the blending of duplicate to Multiply or Colour Burn
  • No one generated texture is the same.

Download HorrorTextures actions.

Please do not direct link. Instead, please set a link to this blog.

Available Textures:

Bloody Smears

Bloody White

Bloody Curtains